Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why we still love Star Trek

Shaun Saunders sends in an interesting op/ed piece written by Laurence Krauss writing in New Scientist. Mr. Krauss posits that the reason that the series, now some 40+ years old still captures the imagination for the most part might be:
  • [That] of all science-fiction drama in the past half-century, Star Trek was based on a hopeful view of the future.....
  • "infinite possibilities of existence"......[that] could be exploited for the benefit of humankind and aliens alike.
  • A future where science and reason would prevail over superstition, religious fundamentalism and petty myopic rivalries, and where technology could be developed to address almost any challenge.
As unrealistic as these ideals might be, the core principals are still extremely popular. Mostly it would seem that no matter how bad things get there is always the hope that like Star Trek, we will find a way to work through these problems and enjoy an idyllic future.

Read the complete piece and see if you agree. Why is Star Trek still so popular.


btonym said...

Well, It's good story telling, a wonderful postulation of mankind's future and a might prophetic, at that. I think it started with doors that slide open for you, goes on with the cell phone and, yes, the iPod, not to mention other technologies which have arisen in the last 43 years. I hope that the prophecy may pan out as well along the lines of human understanding, learning and cultural developments.

40 years ago I did not want the TV show to end. Last month I did not want the movie to end. I hope that along our path into the future that we don't end so that we may be able to enjoy and marvel at a world not unlike the Star Trek universe.

Beam Me Up said...

well said!!! I can remember watching many of the other SF series but up until the time of Star Trek, I was never so captivated with what was about to come. Nothing since has instilled that type of awe