Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Primeval canceled

Tv Squad is reporting that Primeval has been canceled. This after 3 seasons on BBC America and recently on the Sci-fi channel. I am not sure what that means for those that have been watching on the Sci-Fi however. Tv Squad did not mention Sci-fi but in passing.

Reason giving for cancelation....high production costs. There was a great deal of cgi...which was the star of the show unfortunatly. TV Squad asked the question, "would you miss Primeval?" Honestly I can't say that I will. Some parts of the program were intriguing and the final time paradox or loop was very interesting, but overall I really did not like the characters. I never really bought the sense of urgency that was built into the show. So, no I won't even though it was far from being really bad.

complete story by TV Squad

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