Sunday, June 07, 2009

Free Floating Black Holes?

I was reading this in Gizmodo and Shaun sends me a message "hey check this out!" and you know this is fascinating and I got to wonder if there is a story in here somewhere. But I digress:

Remember that report a few months back about a flare happening where nothing was suppose to be? And this flare lasted FAR longer than any usual super nova and led to all types of speculation. Ancient civilization trying to communicate, FTL star ship drive exploding... that kind of stuff.

Now it would seem astronomers might have an answer: It was possibly a rogue or "free floating" black hole eating a star that was, until said black hole devoured it, residing in a galaxy to dim to view using existing technology.

According to the Gizmodo article:
  • Lucky for us, one of Hubble's new additions could help us find more rogue black holes in the void. The Wide Field Camera 3, installed by members of the Atlantis crew earlier this month, might be able to determine if there was actually a host galaxy around the mysterious flare that was just too faint to see.

New Scientist article

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