Tuesday, May 13, 2008

IS Barack Obama Anti Space?

A recent IO9 article brings up a disturbing point concerning candidate Obama's attitude on space exploration. He has gone on record saying "[U.S. Space Agency] NASA is no longer associated with inspiration." He's proposing cutting NASA's budget, saing he'll take money away from NASA's Constellation program, which focuses on flights to the Moon and Mars, in order to fund early-education programs for kids under 5. Now, education is a must, however when you take away their future, is that not a high price to pay? "I grew up on Star Trek," Obama said. "I believe in the final frontier." But Obama said he does not agree with the way the space program is now being run and thinks funding should be trimmed.

IO9 has links to interviews with Obama, Clinton and McCain focusing on their view on space exploration. Click here for More


wolfkahn said...

I have been concerned about Sen. Obama's NASA policies for quite awhile now. His plan to delay funding for the Constellation program is especially troubling as it seems to be the only specific budget cut he has proposed. Of all the huge federal budget, the first place he looked to find money was NASA. Sad.

paul said...

I have to agree. First off I agree that education has to be maintained and improved. But like you I find it so very disturbing that this is one of the first places he would go to finance his agenda. Of all the pork barrel project that abound, to go after the very future is so disturbing.