Monday, May 19, 2008

Frog Design: Reskins Reality

Hey anime fans - any fans of Dennou Coil? In this anime series, children at least, wear glasses that allow them to interact in the real and cyber realities at the same time. Their whole environment, while wearing the glasses, is changed in subtle as well as drastic ways. Often hiding or augmenting unpleasant areas or adding elements that only exist in the digital realm. Its very futuristic and if Frog Design has its way, something that could happen. They envision a device to be worn that would provide a virtual layer that could be used to “re-skin” the troubling outside world. A boundary between the wearer and the world... Frog suggest a "mask" of sorts, Within the mask, smells, sounds, even air quality would be imitated to create a full sensory experience. The facial expressions of those wearing the device would be detected and projected onto personal avatars visible to others also living behind the shield of the mask.

oh what a brave new world -

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