Monday, May 05, 2008

Antipodean SF's April-May 2008 Issue

Antipodean SF has posted its April-May 2008 issue, #119 (although the March-April issue was #117). The magazine's focus is Australian science/speculative fiction, and they publish mostly short-short stories.

The current issue has several book reviews, an editorial, and fiction. This issue, the fiction includes:

"Tristesse" by David Such
"Saint" by Rachael Ryan
"Eye-Pod" by Tavis Potts
"A Child's Justice" by Francis Conaty
"Dreaming the Futures to Be" by Shaun A. Saunders
"Something New Under the Sun" by Hannah Steenbock
"A New Arrival" by Alan Delaney
"Bad Manners by João Ventura
"The Bowl of Stew" by Leslie Blake
"Finite Horror, Infinite Hope" by Luke Kepreotis

Thanks to SFScope for the heads up

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