Thursday, May 01, 2008

Boomerangs DO work in space - it would seem!

JAXA has finally gotten around to releasing video of astronaut Takao Doi’s successful space boomerang toss conducted inside the International Space Station’s Harmony Module in March.

I first heard about this on Pink Tentacle's blog and posted a blurb about it (here) and it would seem that despite what you might think.... the lowly boomerang works just fine in a micro G environment. Watch the video below


Ron Huber said...

Still not proven that they work in "space". Boomerangs work in no-gravity environments with an earthtype atmosphere.

Lets see what happens when an astronaut does an EVA boomerang toss...I bet it'll keep going and going and going...

paul said...

But I think it does. Its not a gravity thing. and its not an aerodynamic action. (think about it) so it has to be the offset mass causing the flightpath.