Saturday, November 07, 2015

Solar Wind stripped Mars' Atmosphere

There is no doubt that the Solar System is several billion years old.

Many dramatic changes have taken place system wide. Mars for example has undergone extreme geological and meteralogic transformations. 

 For example, Mars, several billion years ago was a warm, moist place quite capable of supporting life. Now Mars is a cold,dry place. 

 Even today, scientists report, solar winds strip about 100 grams of atmosphere a day. 

 Not much by previous amounts however in the far distant past, huge solar storms travelling at several times the present speeds, allowed for 10 to 20 times as much material. Because of their strength and speed, These solar storms were capable of gutting Mars' atmosphere from warm and moist to cold and dry desert of today. 
 For more read this CBCnews article HERE

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Turboslacker said...

So why does Venus (which is closer to the Sun than Mars) have an atmosphere?