Friday, November 27, 2015

Review: Home

Budget 135 million,   Boxoffice 386 million.

Run-time 94 minutes

Voice Cast
Jim Parsons as Oh
Rihanna as Gratuity "Tip" Tucci
Steve Martin as Captain Smek
Jennifer Lopez as Lucy Tucci
Matt Jones as Kyle, a Boov police officer.
Brian Stepanek as Gorg Commander, the leader of the Gorg

I honestly do not think that HOME needs a review.  The plot is completely derivative.  One clueless alien race being chased by another malevolent race, invades Earth, displacing humans as completely incompetent, though it soon becomes clear that the worst screw-up is  O who is constantly screwing up in major fashion. 

O is soon befriended by Tip who is looking for her mother.  Together they both commence on a totally warped road trip.

Along the way there are major reversals and not everything is as it seems.

The movie is well drawn and animated as well as brilliantly voice cast.  I would be tempted to rate it an 8 for the above and it is clearly a fine film for young people or a family film.  But if we rate it with the plot line you have to take into account how lazy and derivative it is, drawing for just about any invasion film out there.  So the best I can do is 6, which means go ahead and watch it and enjoy it with your children or family.  But be prepared to explain yourself to your friends! 

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