Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Horizon Probe Arrives at Pluto

It is easy to be amazed at the newest photo of Pluto.  Just the Herculean effort to get NASA's New Horizons probe 3 billion miles in 9 years, and then to take the clearest photos mankind has ever seen.  The photos it is now beaming back to Earth will be nothing short of stunning.

The spacecraft has made it closer to Pluto than any other in history, coming within 7,800 miles from the surface of the dwarf planet, snapping high-res photos in the process.  The photo above was taken July 13, I for one can not wait until the photos that New Horizon is beaming our way, are made available.

New Horizon is on a high speed pass and as such will not be sticking around long (a few hours at most), then it is off into the deep black of the Kuiper belt then deeper towards the Ort cloud.


Dave Tackett said...

The latest pictures of Charon and a young mountain range in Pluto are fascinating and sure to reignite The Controversy.

Beam Me Up said...

More than likely it will Dave. The thing is that Pluto's change was for clarification. The way I read an article on astronomers and other science persuasions was, an almost universal designation of the planet Pluto and only changing when speaking or writing professionally. I think if people just were honest with themselves, there wouldn't be any controversy.