Wednesday, July 08, 2015

We are going to lose, badly/ And so long

     Yeah, you read that right. We went and did something really stupid; again. Megabot, the American company that just recently released their design to the world, went and challenged Japan, yes, I said Japan, to a robot duel. Is congress running this company? Suidobashi has now responded. They are in. And they have this to say, and I quote,
     "Just building something huge, and putting guns it. It's....Super American."
     And I have to agree with them. 
     The only chance we have, is for some total freak like me, that has wished for this from the time they knew what a robot was. 
     Fact is, Japan is going to kick our ass. And the worst part is; I'm on Japan's side here, all the way. What can you expect when I grew up with Astro, Johnny Sokko, my Japanese Sensei, etc. And still watching those and every new robot anime, and live action I can get. No choice for me here. I stand with Japan, all the way. And not just because I am sure they'll win. Even if I thought we could win, I'd still be with Japan. Giant robots and Japan go together, period. And they aren't living in insane fear of an AI takeover like the silliness we hear in this country and Europe.

     And now I say goodbye. I'm leaving BeamMeUp. Not for good, but for probably quite awhile. Too much happening and just no time to write or research folks. I haven't even been able to work on my own novel. It's why I haven't been around here much. I can't even keep up with Pluto info at present. (That alone should say how hectic life has become when I can't keep up with news on Pluto). But if something really good crosses my path, I'll get it up here, like this battle challenge. But for now, goodbye folks. You all take care, and have a blast. Live Long And Prosper my friends. So long for now.


Beam Me Up said...

Sorry to see you go my friend. I really have enjoyed our tête-à-têtes and your insightful input.

please feel free to rejoin the fray when ever the mood insists

kallamis said...

I will brother. Just so busy right now it's unbelievable. The worst thing is, most of what I am having to do, has nothing to do with me. Not signing out, believe it. Just taking an extended hiatus till things calm down around here.

Beam Me Up said...

Comforting news. I have always said that I do not want BMU to become a MUST do, it should not feel like work.

Try not to run yourself ragged my friend, looking forward to that time you list something really interesting.

On that note, if you find something that you think BMU should know about, you can just send me the url and I will write a note for it. Thats an

L8tr dude


agagsdr Blizno said...

I'll miss you. I've enjoyed your work. Thank you.

If you return to us some day, I hope it's because you miss the joy of sharing wonders with us.

Beam Me Up said...

I just want to remind everyone that the blog and podcast are going to continue operations. The very talented Kallimus has had to step down as a contributor due to other commitments. He has promised to drop in from time to time. I side with Bizno Kall will be missed.