Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Star Trek Communicator That Actually Works!

Ohhhhh Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah  Here is a piece of tech that I suspect that many a fan will lust after. 

Right now, available for pre-order at the  Star Trek merchandise store. is a delightful piece of communication equipment.  

What am I going on about?  Well it is a Bluetooth reproduction of the Star Trek (first gen) communicator that really works by connecting through your phone.  

It doesn't come cheap however.  The original article quotes $149 dollars, but I imagine that hard core fan will still be all over this sweet piece of tech. 


kallamis said...

Cool. And there goes another 150 bucks I don't have.

Beam Me Up said...

Oh same here! I look at that and remember how impressed I was back in the late 60s.