Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Moon. Star or planet????

    I didn't come up with this, I promise you. I was switching stations while building here, and caught the end of this on a news program. You are not going to believe this folks. I had to go find this today just to see if it was really true what I heard. Unfortunately, it was true. And even better, it gets worse than what was originally shown. They went out and asked people what the moon was. Folks, I'm sorry. But there is no way for me to describe my feelings on this, without being rightfully censored. Okay, so I am now censoring myself. Just watch this bleed'in idiocy, you'll understand. 
    Yeah folks, after you see this, you'll be on my side. Give us a ship, and let us leave. I guarantee, none of want to live on this planet any longer. 
Not sure about video embedding, so here's a link all.

    Enjoy folks, or yell. Still building here, but haven't forgot beam me up. Later folks.
    Seriously, people are just stupid.


Beam Me Up said...

ARE U FRACKIN KIDDING ME!!!!!! now I can remember having discussions concerning what is the "moon's" name because moon is a generic label, but I can honestly state that I never NEVER was confused as to what the Moon was! Remember last week the list of people who need stupid signs? Well every damn one of them with the exception of the 7yo who got it right! Frackin people! I am not ringing my own bell, but if I ever got something this basic wrong, I would find a cave, crawl in and seal the opening behind me, never to be seen again because that is how embarrassed I would be. Time to print more signs I guess.

btonym said...

I am considering printing up SHIPLOADS of "Signs". I fear that idiocy has gone pandemic.

Beam Me Up said...

I think we are going to have to parcel out some of the work. So much to do, so few I know how you feel my friend. Carol just sent me up-dates of Wal-Mart people which if I could only show pics on bmu...oooooooooh man you can not imagine....they are out there and in ever increasing numbers....