Friday, January 02, 2015

Lighter in your Loafers 1/4/2015?

Tell me you haven't heard about this! Truth is I just did!

The meat of the matter is based on a supposedly NASA generated tweet that stated, During an up-coming planetary alignment of Earth Jupiter and Pluto will combine to counter Earth gravity leaving you weightless for a moment. 

This event is to be taking place Sunday January 4, 2015 at 12:47am  no less.  

There are a few flaws however:  NASA never released this missive.  Then there is the belief that Jupiter could effect the gravity on Earth.  If something like this could happen, I myself would be much more worried about the 800lb gorilla of the solar system and that is Sol itself.  If Jupiter could
effect the gravity on Earth then think of the chaos that would take place every 24 hours, huge by comparison and millions of miles closer.   If we accept that Jupiter can reduce gravity than Sol should be able to pulverize our planet. 

So where did something this ridiculous  get start?  Well according to
  • it actually dates back to 1976, when a British astronomer pulled a fast one on a radio audience when he told them there would be a moment of decreased gravitational pull and people should jump up and down to experience it. Some did and swore that it had worked, even though it was nothing more than a hoax article

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