Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Prosthetics 'n aesthetics

If you are a user of any prosthetic device or know someone who is, you know that said device is often wonderful in its' utilitarian function but woefully lacking in anything that could be described as an aesthetically pleasing prosthetic.   This was made evident to Evan Kuester a university student who at best would describe his studies as boring.  The only redeeming feature was his access to fascinating tools one of which was an excellent 3d printer.  

 Evan had noticed  fellow student Ivania Castilloon had no left hand.  Evan then set to convince Ivania that he could produce a functional prosthetic but one that could be pleasing to the eye as well. 

After many pictures, measurements and prototypes Evan and Ivania settled on a prosthetic constructed of a single print, with ABS.  Evan hopes that his next prototype will be able to better integrate functionality with aesthetics ( his first outing leaned towards usability but was heavy and bulky, his second was lighter but frail).   There is no doubt that looks are addressed in this version.  It is wonderful to look at. 

Check out the complete article on Make HERE   


Mebbles said...

Such an awesome story! The designs sure look sci-fi-like!

Beam Me Up said...

Thanks Mebbles! I was immediately taken by the article not only as an article on prosthetics but the beauty of the device. The field will have to become attractive to become accepted.