Saturday, August 23, 2014

New Spider-Woman #1 Variant Cover....oh my

The new Spiderwoman #1  written by Dennis Hopeless with artwork by Greg Land,  had a quickie showing at San Diego Comic-Con.  It seems that the series will see the light in November of this year (2014).  But that is not the thing that is rising some ire.  No, THIS is:

Now before you blow a gasket and join a lynch mob to string up Stan, this cover is just an alternate to this one:

But it is my guess that this one did not play well in "Peoria" and the alternative cover was explored.  But you have to wonder just what the hell is going on....(if mayhaps you find yourself in the minority of incensed spiderperson fanhood) Thor is now a woman... Captain American will become a genteel   man of colour  and  if I am to be so insensitive, we still haven't got to the bottom of motivation truly behind...(oh someone stop me please) the need for a cover that causes so much controversy.  

Ok, I can see I am digging a hole here that I am not going to be able to extricate myself from, so best you take a look at the original article HERE


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