Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Futures Past "A Visual History of Science Fiction" Due Out in November **UPDATE**

Wow, lots of news about publication of really superior Science Fiction.

Jim Emerson just sent me a note, with his "Editor Hat" on to let us know about "Futures Past" described as a Visual History of Science Fiction, which will be available in November of this year (2014).  

Jim makes it clear that this is no "one trick pony" printing 1 volume, done, and gone.  Nope, this will be the first of a 50 (that's right fifty volume set!!!) volume series that will cover 1926 to 1975.  And talk about comprehensive! Each will cover all the SF books, films, magazines,  and more, in exhaustive detail, with a great number of full color illustrations as well.  The hope is for this series to be the "most comprehensive history of the field ever".

The first volume will be for the year 1926 (which Jim tells me is available right now, and I suspect that it will be one hell of a treat.  Here is the website - 

**UPDATE**  Jim sent me a note that it is year 1926 that will first be available and that volume is available right now!  Please check the website for more information. (ed. PAC) 


Dave Tackett said...

The sample pages look rather impressive. The set would certainly be a fascinating read.

Beam Me Up said...

Dave there is also some up to date info. It seems that 1926 is already available. 1927 will indeed be available in November of this year but 1926 can be had now.