Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Doctor's 50th, and a birthday Bill

            Well, what can I say about this?
            Amazing would be a good place to start I guess. Admittedly seeing my own Doctor from the past may sort of bias me, but hey, this is Doctor Who. Let’s be honest here, I’m pre-biased already.  
            So in case anyone out here hasn’t seen this yet, and wants to, I will try not to throw any real spoilers out here.  That’s not going to be easy. And probably hopeless anyway now that I am guessing it is all over the net anyway. So I may as well give up the spoiler idea I guess. So, let’s make this simple.
            They all showed up to do battle. All 13 doctors at one time. Gallifrey has been saved, though lost in time and space apparently somewhere. Basically, the doctor started at number one, and started working on a way to save the planet. Yeah, there’s a lot of timey whimey stuff going on.
            But when three doctor’s make an entrance by blowing a Dalek away (through a picture by being in the past on gallifrey) and into our world with 3 sonic screwdrivers, and then walk in side by side, well, you just know things are not going to go well for someone.
            And for those that missed it, Hurt did become the Doctor again by the time it was all over.
            Even so, the best for me outside of the three entering together, and creating mass havoc, was the end. My Doctor. Tom Baker showed up as a curator, maybe. As usual, the Doctor answers a lot of questions, only to open a can of a hundred more.
            I can’t say I will like the new doctor yet, but when he came on after the general decided that it couldn’t get any worse than three of them. His next statement was “I didn’t know when I was well off. All 12 of them.”
Then he got an answer I am guessing almost killed him. “No sir, all 13.” And all you saw was the control panel, and his eyes, and he did not look happy at that time. So we’ll see. He definitely made an entrance though already, and a damn good one. Yeah, I’m watching it again as I write this. That makes 5 times now.
            The one thing My Doctor made clear at the end however was the painting. It had two titles; “No More,” and “Gallifrey Falls.” Both are wrong. The true title is “Gallifrey Falls No More.” And to hear Tom Baker say it, how he says it, just chills you. Gallifrey lives.
            Of course, now that we are off to hunt down the lost planet of the timelords, who knows what is coming next.
And for those that missed it, the painting of Gallifrey was on the day it burned, shortly before. And it is an oil painting in 3d, sort of. It’s Gallifreyan art. A slice of time used for a picture.  Absolutely amazing. What can I say, they had emotions running everywhere for all of us Whovians.
            Now then, where do the next regenerations come from.  A reward for saving Gallifrey? Does the system no longer work on regenerations since the Gallifreyan law is no longer in effect? Will the Minyans return and aid him? A thousand bloody questions, and no good answers. And this time, I think I will avoid theorizing, and just enjoy the bloody show. Yeah, that’ll happen won’t it. They have to do something. Who wants to live in a universe with no Doctor.

            We have a good one this week too. He was born on Nov. 27th, 1955 in Washington D.C. Not a reason really fior me to say anything about this guy, except one thing, as you will all know who this is. Happy Birthday Bill Nye.

            And as I am beat, and have to get up way too early to cook, that’s it for now folks. Good to be back though. See you all soon. And please excuse the rambling nature of this as I am a little out of practice here as I haven't written a word since my last time here. Plus I'm just beat. I'll be back to normal next time folks. 

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