Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Earth Visible Supernova Possible in Next 50 Years?

According to THIS "The Daily Galaxy"  - 
  • Astronomers  calculate: the odds that, sometime during the next 50 years, a supernova in the Milky Way galaxy will be visible from Earth.  the odds are much better at nearly 100 percent that such a supernova would be visible to telescopes in the form of infrared radiation.
 The Daily Galaxy reports:
  • A new study suggests that they have a solid chance of  detecting a supernova fast enough to witness what happens at the very beginning of a star going supernova. 
  • Professor of astronomy at Ohio State,  Christopher Kochanek said, “We see all these stars go supernova in other galaxies, and we don’t fully understand how it happens. We think we know, we say we know, but that’s not actually 100 percent true...."

This Daily Galaxy article is really very good.   Check it out HERE

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