Wednesday, November 13, 2013

3d Printing Could End Animal Testing

One of the less pleasant facets of modern medicine is that it depends in part on animal testing.  In a year apx. 100 million animals are used in labs and classrooms across the U.S.

As harsh as that idea is, the good news is that animal testing's days may be numbered due to Bio-ink and 3D printing of human tissue. 

The plus side is that printed human tissue returns more accurate test results and eliminate  possible harmful side effects that new drugs risk during human testing phases.   Another big plus is that specific samples can be printed of a patient to test their sensitivity to a particular range of  drugs, again lowering reactions from the patient.   This sounds like far future capabilities, but analysts predict that such testing could be available in as little as five years!

The complete Dvice article can be had HERE

Update,  medical 3D will be huge, but  every day printing will mean custom screens as well as curved monitors, custom lit clothing.....the sky is the limit.  Check out the Science Daily article on printing HERE

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