Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ancient Galaxy is the Farthest Object Ever Discovered

Astronomers using data from Hubble and the Keck 1 telescope located at the Keck Observatory in Hawaii have discovered the oldest galaxy ever, discovered to this point.

The galaxy, which astronomers are calling z8_GND_5296 was formed around  the first 700 million years after the big band.   This would make it the oldest and most distant galaxy discovered so far.

The galaxy is so distant, it is like looking back in time some 13+ billion years ago! 

z8_GND_5296  is also making a name for itself for another reason as well.  It has been estimated that this incredibly distant  galaxy is producing stars about 150 times more quickly than the Milky Way. 
For example,  the Milky Way may produce about one or two sunlike stars each year, z8_GND_5296 birthed about 300 per year approximately, however that was  13 billion years ago. 

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