Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Alls Fine At The ISS - But Curiosity Had To Be Put To Sleep

Hey this is an opinion peice.  You don't agree, fine, your rights in action, but if you want an argument instead of a discussion, go somewhere else ok?

I can tell you one thing right off the bat, I have revisited my possible choices in the next election and did some drastic changes because this is RIDICULOUS!

Ok, the ISS crew is in no danger but what pisses me off is Curiosity being put to sleep....and you know it ain't just a wakey wakey to get it going again....it's cold up there for one thing.... and according to DVICE Hubble and the other spacecraft now flying are being kept operational by NASA... and the folks over at the National Science Foundation can keep on doing the research because they are not federal employees, so that is good.  

As Colin Druce-McFadden said in the DEVICE article:
  • Where it can and where it needs to be, the government is still running. We've got a hunch this whole shutdown thing isn't going to last that long. Think of it as a national tornado advisory: pop in a couple of old movies, stay safe and it'll be over before you know it.
I know, but it still is grown men and women acting like children.  Aggravates the crap out of me. 


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