Monday, October 28, 2013

BMU #383 now online

Episode 383 of Beam Me Up.   This is of course the Saturday just before All Hallow's Eve, so I break out my favorite Halloween story Colin P. Davies' Happy Halloween which has the great narration talents of Crystal Wizard.  CW does all the music mixing as well as narration.  I am sure you will enjoy this time tested tale.

But first after my opening comments I start with part 2 of Van Hall's story What Makes a Thirsty God on Fallon's Planet.

After the opening tale I find a few moments to talk about Star Trek as I do some Star Trek Trivia.  This week one of my favorites "The City on the Edge of Forever" with guest Joan Collins.  Oh the ending line of that story...If you can not recall the episode, see if you can find the is top notch Star Trek.

Then before the end of the show story, I spend a few moments in the blog.  Courtney popped in for a few moments just to talk and we get on to some comets that have flown into the sun recently.  Really exciting to know that others are finding this stuff interesting.  Then from the blog, one of the most ancient galaxies yet to date! It is so old it sounds impossible!  And one of the most compact planetary systems ever!

Then of course Happy Halloween!



Episode 383 Download HERE

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