Friday, February 17, 2012

First in Space Human - Robonaut Handshake

So here is a Nasa video of a first ever. The first human / robot handshake in space. There it is in all its' glory. Very auspicious occasion. Nope I can't do anyone else profoundly sad right now? Are you struck speechless at the total frivolity and waste of a platform said to be the answer to the dangers of working in space? Something to truly aide astronauts - side by side - into the future....yeah that kind of stuff they said when this project was first introduced to the public....PR HANDSHAKES W....T....F...?!

Yeah I know...sarcastic, jaded and all of that...sorry, but I honestly couldn't even watch the whole video. I quit when mission control congratulated Dan Burbank for a job well done while the remaining crew documented it. Look, I bought one of those Radio Shack robot arms back in the 70s when then first came out....laid out some serious cash for it back then...30 bucks or something....anyway, I can remember telling my brother hey shake hands with it! great fun that.... 40 years and for less money than it costs for a screw in Robonauts finger and it was a joke then......

ok, I guess I have probably pissed off enough people...I'm done.

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