Thursday, February 23, 2012

WB Has Optioned Bleach?

According to the Anime News Network via Topless robot, Warner Brothers studio has licensed the rights to Tite Kubo's Bleach in hopes of making a live action film. At the helm will be Dan Mazeau who did the Wrath of the Titans remake as script writer. Peter Segal who's credits include the Get Smart remake ane the Longest Yard remake is set to produce the film and possibly being the director as well.

Warner Brothers has already acquired the rights to adapt Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata's Death Note.  Without producing any output so far, WB seems bent on buying up anime rights.

I am a big fan of Bleach and what bothers me about this arrangement is the script writer's credit is that horrid remake of Wrath of the Titans and the director Get Smart and the Longest Yard remakes.   All perfectly fine in their original incarnation but to a one were abysmal offerings the second time around.

Anime News Network article 


kallamis said...

NO.NO NO NO NO. Haven't we already learned from the disasters of DBZ, (or whatever the feck that movie was supposed to be), and Airbender, that these people have no chance of doing anything right. They completely destroyed 2 great shows trying to go live act6ion. I love bleach, so if they do this, I won't even be going this time. If anime is going live action, then let the Japanese do it. We can not do it, in any way, shape, or form. Not without completely destroying it that is.

Beam Me Up said...

Kallamis, yes I had forgotten about air bender! Was that even the same story?! I have seen some pretty good colabrative efforts in anime, but I have yet to see anything that resembles the original in any substantive way when it comes to live action. I know that they try to make it more palatable to a broader audience, but all they come up with is a bland mush. They won't be on my "to watch" list either.