Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time Teleportation? Possible?!

Wow, want to read something that will twist your head sideways? Check out this Technology Review online article that looks deeper into quantum entanglement to suggest that time travel or more precisely "Time Teleportation" is a real possibility.

I got a heads up from an article in Gizmodo written by Jesus Diaz

that pointed out that Physicists at the University of Queensland in Australia had discovered that the very same quantum entanglement that made teleportation in space could be expanded to the same type of entanglement between quantum particles to make time teleportation to the future possible. Now before we get into an argument about we are all traveling into the future, remember we have to exist in all point in time between now and then. Or when if you will. With these new discoveries, the two separated particles do NOT have to exist in every point in time, just two. Now and the future when.

The behavior of the particles in time are exactly the same as that of the quantum particle in space. You change the state of one and the other, no matter how far away changes in an equal but opposite amount. The "Spooky Action at a Distance" phenomena. Now we know that it no only hold true in space but also in time.

This is certainly an interesting thought experiment if nothing else. Could something like this make it out of the quantum world into the macro-world, for real world applications?

Check out the Technology Review article

And the Gizmodo article here


Gary Baker said...

Fascinating article - and the comments make amusing reading too.

Beam Me Up said...

Hey Gary
Yeah, some of the reading is a bit dense but quantum entanglement is a fascinating subject I just never made the connection that if it could work in space then why not space/time.

Thanks for the comment