Thursday, January 06, 2011

8 sci-fi inspired advances that became "real" in 2010

From the blog comes a list of eight scientific advancements or even theme/ideas that became real in 2010. Now, real may be stretching it a bit, because we can plainly see that many have made great strides, but are far from being "real". Lets see what you think.

1. Cloaking - There has been a lot of research in a couple of areas. One I feel has potential, the ability of certain meta - materials to bend light (right now just certain frequencies) around whatever they cover. We have see some of this work for years with the stealth planes. Now certain structures are able to short and bend microwaves around what ever is in the middle on a shockingly small basis. Next comes the specially designed cloth that copies whatever it sees on one side to the opposite. There are some radical theories about pulling an item from space/time and returning it. I would be extremely surprised if this ever gets off the page.

2. Teleportation - Again, here is a technology that seems possible on paper and initial research indicates promise. Initial work has broken down simple structures and transmitted the info a distance and reconstructing an identical stricture. This is a LONG way from true teleportation, resembling more a fax than anything. But it does hold promise.

3. Laser Weapons - Now here is some tech that grew some serious teeth in 2010. The U.S. Navy's Laser Weapon System has realized what modern day high powered land based systems can do. LWS showed that it was able to shoot down drones and disrupt enemy electronics. There is of course, the Boeing 747 laser-equipped platform. It did see some successes in 2010, though it was not introduced in that year. However this system may have already seen better days and my not last through 2011.

4. Household Robots - Many new models hit the market in 2010, none so iniquitous as the Roombot. Though true versatility and autonomy still an issue, robots most likely will not gain universal appeal.

and several other techs of 2010 like transparent aluminum and a weird sort of micro tractor beam have fired the imagination of Sci-fi fans.

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