Monday, January 24, 2011

Space Fence?

Here we go again. One of my all time favorite gripes. Space trash. As I have pointed out numerous times before, the space around Earth is cluttered with millions of objects. That makes it a hazardous area for manned spacecraft. The solution is brilliant in it's simplicity but difficult to deploy in reality. That was until the "Space Fence" became more than just a fanciful dream. This proposed system could track many of the objects around Earth in real-time. And it looks like something from a movie. From Lockheed - Martin a short film about something they like to call...."Space Fence"


Rosehippi said...

when the kids were younger... teens... ... they are in their 30's now... when we first heard of the growing danger of space junk to future space efforts... we laughed about converting our old Ford Pickup truck into a Junk Space mobile and fly it into space to salvage all that "Trash" and make dump runs ,,, so to speak... back to earth. It was great fun then... one son is dead now and the other is off having a different Life... but I always remember our time wanting to start a salvage buisiness in space... a sci-fi dream so to speak... sure wish I could go back to that day knowing what we know now.... Peace on Earth... Rosehippi

Beam Me Up said...

tell me Rosehippi you don't still hear a sci-fi story in this?! Anyone what to take that challenge and write this story? I would love to run it! This would be fun...dump