Saturday, April 24, 2010

WTF Doctors complete Successful Face Transplant?

I mean how weird is this? I caught the semi sci-fi movie on cable called faceoff. You know that load of trash with Nick Cage and Vin uhh John Travolta, and what do I see in my news reader? Yep an article about a successful face transplant.... From the would they lie? nooooo waaaaaaaay!
  • The operation took 22 hours and 30 doctors... in Barcelona, a man who'd lost his much of his face in a shooting accident received an entire face—skin, muscles, .... cheekbones, nose, lips and teeth

Of course the article ended from a donor....uhhhhhh duh! If it wasn't a donor there is some seriously pissed of person out there. Of course it was from a donor! and I am going to let you check out the "graphics" What a twist! huh?


Bob said...

I just happen to be watching that movie right now.

Beam Me Up said...

Yeah? lol I will pass, face off was disturbing enough and that was fake.