Thursday, April 01, 2010

Short Film: Get Out

Yep, on a video kick again. Here we have a reality twisting short that even Tim Leary would have appreciated! From the fertile imagination of Alberto Corral I present Get Out.

Alberto writes about this short: Shot in December '09 with Nikon D5000 in Los Angeles, California. Edited January '10. No additional lights but natural light. No budget except for food. 2 1/2 days of shooting.

Now that's dedication!


Frank said...

nice. It was a nice mind blower. I believe that it showed how we are afread to get out into the world. Once we we get "get out" we want to get back in.

Beam Me Up said...

What about the parallel time lines Frank? The guy saying Hey! Hey! at the beginning is himself in a later timeline, it was only after he was on the street saying Hey! that he recognized who was in the window! My head is beginning to hurt...
Thanks frank

Frank said...

Yes that another way to look at it to. The way the film was made gives you a number of things to think about. Yes my head was hurting too after watching it.

Beam Me Up said...

yep, shorts like this and then features like Solaris totally screw with your head.

Just the idea of going through a door and seeing the door you were supposed to be going through in front of you.

Or going into a building only to find yourself outside. ouch!