Monday, November 16, 2009

Whedon's Dollhouse canceled

Mark Wilson of the SciFi Fantasy Blog writes:
  • Fox network has decided the Joss Whedon basement-rated drama Dollhouse has had all the breaks it's going to get.
  • Fox has committed to air all 13 episodes starting up again December 4. Four episodes had already aired in September and October, so nine episodes remain to be broadcast. To burn them off as quickly as possible, Fox will be airing two episodes a night.


radwmn08 said...

That's really too bad,I looked forward to see what characters the "dolls" were going to be transformed into. Although the program is pure fantasy and unrealistic I enjoyed it as a part of my "chill" mode. After all isn't that the point? Sorry to see the dolls go...

Beam Me Up said...

You know, I think you encapsulated the show perfectly. I think the first time I fell into this "what will they be this week" was the old Mission Impossible series. I really like this plot device and outside the science/fiction of Dollhouse you are was a what and who are they kind of mindset. In that vein, then yep, going to miss it as well