Thursday, October 01, 2009

Antipodean SF issue 136 is online

AntipodeanSF's editor Nuke writes to tell us that issue 136 of the "down under" flash fiction magazine is now online at

Here is a list of the stories and short descriptions for this month's issue

The Girl With The Golden Feet By William Ward
The boy didn't believe Elana when she said she could walk on water. She stared at him blankly, neither frustrated nor offended by his skepticism. She had come to expect it.

Caught In The Middle Of A Hungry Fire By Wes Parish
Anita sat at the table, staring at the off-cream kitchen wall with the peculiar concentration known only to those who have suffered great loss. It seemed to affect even her unborn baby, because at this time of evening, it would usually kick vigorously. The evening died without ceremony, into dark night, the off-cream wall fading into blackness.

Ashes By Shaun A. Saunders
"Once upon a time," the storyteller began, as he and his companion drank tea by a warming campfire, "there was a young country — hardly more than a handful of colonies — set up in a land far from the mother country. In the early days, the colonists had little in the way of gold or other rare metals to mint coins for trade.

Four Fathers By Mark McAuliffe
Tall and proud, the Four Fathers greet the dawn with the same stoic indifference that they had faced every new day for countless millennia. *** Raised in a time of prosperity and hope, carved into lofty mountain heights, they stood in effigy both as a reminder of a glorious past and the promise of a radiant future.

Feast By L.L. Hannett
Stop screaming. How many apples have you eaten in your life? How many plums? How many slices of watermelon? More than you can count, I'm sure. And if someone asked you to describe each one, to remember every mouthful you took, to feel something for all those juicy bites, you wouldn't be able to do it. Stop screaming.

The Book By Alan Baxter
Finding the book had changed Jerry's life. It was an ancient, weighty tome with heavy parchment pages, thick leather cover, and strange, hand-written words and pictures. Something had drawn him to look under the floorboards in the attic of the old house — a home that he had had no intention of buying, yet had felt compelled to inspect nonetheless. Jerry had experienced a profound thrill on discovering the book.

The New Roanoke By James Francis Keegan III
On holiday, kayaking planet Diablerie's, blood-clot rock formations, and we are some of the first people to visit the world. We signed the guest book on Talas 3, the first people in the new Holiday Inn — and the lobby, a fireplace pit with genetically modified snakes, Mohave rattlesnakes, their skin able to secrete an asbestos mucus; a substance to insulate them from fire.

Please Press Star By Fran LaPlaca
Hello. # Thank you for calling Aunt Patsy's Interstellar Import Pantry. You have reached the Customer Service Department.

Mistaken Identity By Chris Broadribb
Rod stared at the words floating in the air. 'Day Five. Tuesday 21 November 2006.' Day five of what? And what was he doing in 2006? The last he'd heard, he was supposed to be in Russia over a hundred years ago, living in poverty, his name something difficult abbreviated to 'Rodya'. "So what have we got?"

Miss Shen By RJ Astruc
"Hello ma'am," the official says, "I'm here to inform you that your invincibility has expired." Miss Shen opens the door another fraction of an inch and peers fearfully up at him. "I beg your pardon?"

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