Friday, October 09, 2009

Does Russia Still Have an Active Doomsday Device?

Leave it to IO9 to dig up some really nightmarish scenarios. In this article, Charles Jane Anders writes that Russia built a "nuclear fail-safe strike-back device" in 1984.

Wired Senior Editor Nicholas Thompson recently wrote an article about this Soviet defensive weapon, known as Perimeter, but also frequently referred to as The Dead Hand. The system was reported to remain in a semi standby mode, but once activated, would look for evidence of a nuclear attack.

What makes this device particularly nightmarish is the evidence that it was never part of the "MAD" plan which through various sabre rattling by both side to assure each others certain destruction should an attack be launched. Perimeter was kept classified by the Russian government and secret even from Russia's own arms negotiators.

What's more, "Dead Hand" does not seem to be in any way shape or form, phased out. There is every indication that the machine is continuously being upgraded.

Here is the complete IO9 article
and the wired article can be read here [Wired]

Very scary and very interesting indeed.

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