Saturday, October 10, 2009

When Something is so wrong it has to be right...

Ok, you have been reading this blog for long enough to know that sometimes I just can't help myself and when I get into this mood, well, weird stuff gets posted. Well today's post just pushed me past go. Sometime a video is so wrong that it comes out being right...well that just plain isn't the case here. This video is so wrong it goes well past good and I swear, attempts to set a new wrong baseline.

So what am I waxing on about? None other than the latest in the Outback "dirty" ads. Here we have a send up of a Billy Mays infomercial. Here is the "wrongest" infomercial that you are likely to see. Oh, and be sure to read the disclaimer text... Thanks to the tvsquad blog for this gem!


Rosehippi said...

I think I'll stay with Tide and Clorox bleach. He can keep his smelly shorts... LOL

Beam Me Up said...

OMG lmao and its not so bad that she plants her nose deep (christ who am I kidding! it was gross! lol) but he keep getting grosser and grosser as to how crusty nasty they should be! Its tasteless and crude and I think I broke a rib laughing!

Thanks for the note Rosehippi