Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Midseason 2008-2009 Show Return Dates

Seems like any show that you like is now in reruns or is on hiatus and you can't find out when ANY of them are returning....been there done that. Well - luckily Mark Wilson at the About: Sci-Fi fantasy blog has been doing the research and has posted a list of shows that are returning and when. Here is a partial list - go to the Sci-fi blog for a complete listing and updates as to where the shows left off.

Battlestar Galactica returns Jan. 16 on Sci Fi with the final ten episodes.
Doctor Who is filming a string of specials to be aired throughout 2009.
Eureka is returning to Sci Fi in the Spring for the remaining four episodes of season 3.
Heroes is slated to return to NBC on Feb. 2.
Knight Rider returns Dec. 31 on NBC.
Kyle XY returns to ABC Family on Jan. 12 with a new series of ten episodes.
Life on Mars returns to ABC on Wednesday, Jan. 28.
Reaper returns to The CW on Tuesdays starting March 17 for a 13-episode second season.
Sanctuary returns Jan. 2 on Sci Fi with a two-parter.
Smallville returns to The CW on Jan. 15.
Stargate Atlantis returns for its last two episodes ever on Jan. 2 on Sci Fi.
Supernatural returns Jan. 15 on The CW.
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is slated to return Feb. 13 on Fox.


morjana said...

Eureka as 13 remaining episodes.

Beam Me Up said...

from my query (I was curious as to the different numbers) there are indeed 4 remaining shows in this third season.

Morjana I wonder if you have information regarding the show ending on the finish of the four season?