Friday, December 19, 2008

Check out Scales by Anthony Williams

I just got a heads up from Quazar Dragon and SF Signals about a new ebook called Scales by Anthony Williams. To read the book you can download an ebook free or buy a paperback from the publishers or from by clicking Scales

From the book's site is a short synopses of the does sound interesting

  • Englishman Matthew Johnson suffers massive burns in a mysterious explosion and fire at his home. Recovering after months in hospital, he is greatly changed: his skin and hair have been replaced by reptilian scales, and he has acquired an acute sensitivity to other people's nervous systems, plus the ability to affect them. After initially spending time using his new ability to cure patients of nervous diseases, he is drawn into the dangerous world of counter-terrorism with tragic results. On restarting his life, he discovers the startling truth about his transformation – which includes parallel worlds, non-human societies and a threat to the existence of human civilisation. Only he can avert disaster, but time is running out.

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