Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fembot! yeah!

Remember when I said that IO9 just loves the strange? Perfect example here. I saw this article that started with 'Alyson Hanningan Secretly Replaced With Robot!' With the pic at the right, you can understand that I was a bit And of course we have all seen Summer in various levels of blown up, so this wasn't really much of a stretch.

As IO9 contributor Charlie Anders wrote: The starlets of tomorrow will emote in the depths of space and at the bottom of the ocean. That's because gynoids will replace all our favorite actresses! I've been mesmerized and alarmed, looking through a giant Flickr set of fembot art, mostly created in Photoshop. It's a weird mixture of the titillating and the disturbing.

Oh it's suitable for work, but there is that 'just got to look' fascination tied to this group. Of course Glau's pic is right up front, so that is a bit of a cheat, but some are quite good in a deviate kind of way. I got a couple of pages in before I had to quit....

There is a point here though....would ummm 'fembots' really ever take over? I really don't thinks so. Creating one is always going to be more expensive than the breathing thing and the advancements we have seen in CGI and scans, puts the digital actor well positioned to rule at least the low budget 'sci-fi'

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