Friday, December 12, 2008

Does Fox Hate Science Fiction?

I have strongly begun suspecting that the Fox network has no clue when it comes to science fiction. Now, don't get me wrong, I can be counted among the fans of the Sarah Connors Chronicles but a recent article by Brad Trechak for TV Squad drove it home that scheduling on Fox as a card shuffle. Because we fans and science fiction in general seems to be viewed as a niche, Fox seems to be compelled to "make room" for more main stream programming. As Brad puts it, The Sarah Connor Chronicles is being given the "Friday Night Death Slot" on Fox. For what? Shows like Glee, which is about a high school Glee Club (Oh I am not kidding here!) and Boldly Going Nowhere, which is a parody of science-fiction, not the real thing. (oh I am sharpening the stick as I type this because getting stuck in the eye with it has to be better that this crap.)

If you doubt my words, jump over to the TV Squad article < - HERE ->

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