Sunday, January 10, 2016

Beam Me Up Podcast eps 461 Now Onlineline

This week on episode 461 of Beam Me Up I play a short story from David Scholes at a quarter to the hour - called, There Will Not Be Time.  One of the oddest tales of Time Travel since I read Poul Anderson's Tau Zero. David is strutting his stuff with this one.  Tightly written, terse plot and even though nothing moves, a great deal of action.  Can you tell I liked it?

From the Beam Me Up blog:

It may be possible to see black holes with little more than  an 8" optical telescope!

SpaceX reports that the recent launch and return landing of it's Falcon 9 booster showed no ill effects and in founder Elon Musk's words "ready to fire again!"

I review the animated feature Inside Out.  Very cute if a bit intense at times.

The question has been posited...How big was the universe before the Big Bang?  Any bets, some might start to drool just thinking about this one!

Kallamis gives us "I just couldn't resist" and it is FUN NY"

Plus a few other fill ins.  Enjoy!

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