Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Shannara, and Trek. Where'd they go?

The Chronicles Of Shannara
     (Or how to rape a great fantasy to death). I read the first four books, and as this is based at least partly on Elfstones, lets just go with that. To put it simply, Brooks sold out, entirely. His novel, his characters, everything is practically unrecognizable.
     Wil is entirely too muscular, and not the Wil of the books in any manner except name. Same goes for most of these characters, if they can be called that.
     Amberle was not at first repulsed by the Elcrys, but accepted and even enjoyed the visions and communication at first. Plus they are the chosen, not the strongest in a run amok blinded foot race.
     As for Allanon, Haven't seen hide nor hair of that man. Not even a whisper, except for the foolish belief in that fake running around. Allanon is not covered in carved tattoos, and he is over seven feet tall, angular featured, and frankly, just terrifying as all get out. And that is how his friends see him. This is a man that would make a Z fighter think twice. And they give us some fool, that isn't even six feet tall, and looks like he is still carrying baby fat on his face. The guy looks great for an adventure part, but not for this. No Allanon, no Shannara, that simple.
     I was one of the smart ones. Once I heard it was that channel, I pretty much knew this would be turned into some dippy teen-aged twilight wanna be teen angst silliness. And so it is.
     And this takes place thousands of years after we destroyed ourselves in a chemical and nuclear war. So why are we playing Walking Dead ignorance in this. Helicopter in the forest in the open clearing and still has the rotor attached”? And a flat bed truck also that believe it or not, must have had all of it's tires made from plastic and not rubber. Damn things even still appeared to have air in them.
     And I could go on, but I won't. This entire deal is one big farce, appealing only to the common denominator of childish silliness and ignorance, with the true plot, concept, and legend tossed to the four winds like so much dust. Brooks should be slapped into silliness, and as for that channel, they should be put on the same sun routed ship as Tranks. I'm giving it a 2, and think I am being generous with that. 

Star Trek??????
Here is the link to the trailer if you haven't seen it. Not looking good, but lets hope this is wrong what everyone is thinking. It is looking like that idiot Abrams is attempting to turn it into some loony action movie. ST is for thinking, which is why so many highly intelligent people watched it. Hawking, Martin Luther King, etc etc. It isn't Star Wars, it isn't Fast and Furious in space, it isn't wrasslin fantasy. If they want super filled action sequence for a movie, and that is all they want, then please remove the sacred name of Trek from it, and ship off to the lunatics that have never learned to think in this world. The SW and wrasslin crowd comes to mind. Here's the link folks. Lets hope the entire movie doesn't follow the disastrous course we are fearing it will. If it does, then we need to pack Abrams on that sun routed ship as well.


btonym said...

Regarding Trek:
I caught the trailer on Star a few weeks ago. I was appalled! This is the 50th anniversary of a cultural event that has actually altered the way that so many of us perceive the universe in which we exist. Star Trek can not be reduced to just another over-the-top, stunt filled, mindless action extravaganza with more CGI than just plain "I" as in intelligence. I just might wait for the CBS series next year and skip the movie!
Yours truly.
btonym (I hope the trailer is simply a bad practical joke.)

kallamis said...

I know what you mean. When I first saw that trailer I thought WTF. (Plus they stole one of my ship designs the smegs. I used a special laser cutting winged fighters once in my game. But even we didn't just slam through ships).
And I re-watched the last so called Shannara episode again. The damn tires were still inflated. I want those freaking tires for my truck. Screw it, I want that truck.Machine or not, any vehicle that lasts that long, has some secret of immortality in it's gears somewhere.
MTV sucks, and I am so afraid that Star Trek is now going to join it there.