Friday, September 26, 2014

Shield Premiere/ Brick Mansions

            Well, the easiest way to describe the premiere of season 2 is;
1)      Confusion
2)      Damn
They are seriously in a mess, and things are basically as we all kind of figured they would
be, a complete and total disaster for everyone involved.
            Coulson is the director now; the question is of what. There really isn’t a lot left to be director of, but he is still running around recruiting those he can find. He’s Coulson, what do you expect.
            Basically, once again we see Hydra being a pain right off the bat in the premiere, and actually managing it from WW2 and the time of the Red Skull.
            And as everyone knows Shield just loves collecting artifacts and alien tech etc, so you all see where this disaster is headed quickly. Basically, the first thing they ever took into custody that would fit into said categories, was being sold off by an ex-shield operative.
            There were also new allies in the picture, not all of which survived the first episode, which kind of sucks considering who didn’t make it.
            Absorbing man was portrayed pretty well also. Let’s remember this is a TV show, and not a full fledge movie here. They did a good job. But then, they have been doing a good job anyway in my opinion, and why all the hatred for Skye I see around the net I really don’t understand. Yeah she can be a bit naïve, but I am hoping she has learned her lesson. Whatever it is she turns out to be, at least she hasn’t been a secret hydra agent traitor, and would certainly be a valued member of any such team I would put together.  
            Anyway, one mission fails and another succeeds, pretty much at the same time. In other words, it’s Marvel disaster everywhere you turn.
            Stayed kind of vague I know, but for anyone that maybe hasn’t caught it yet, I didn’t want to give away anything major.
            Basically, they did it right, even with the screaming online about a certain escape. When you don’t know a person’s powers, you can get surprised pretty easy. And even if someone hasn’t yet been dropped from an airplane at 30,000 feet like they should be; and even if we don’t have a clue where a missing member actually is right now, I think they at least have a good season started with enough stories to make it through easily and keep everyone interested. I give it an 8.5. They lose a point for someone still being alive.

Brick Mansions
            Folks, this is a fun movie. It has a 5.7 on imdb, and I personally think it was rated by a bunch of smegging prigs.
            It stars Paul Walker, (No description needed for him I don’t believe), and David Belle the founder of Parkour.
            Basically, they wall off a part of Detroit, and let the people inside fend for themselves. Dystopian style somewhat, but set in 2018, so nothing big on post holocaust or any of that.
            Belle plays an Ex Con, and Walker is a cop. Yeah I know, everything in here has basically been done before, and sometimes on numerous occasions.
            I’ll make it simple. Forget the overall plot, and just watch this thing for fun, as it is meant to be watched. Here’s the link to the IMDB page. We just watched this on Amazon, and it was well worth the $2.99 or whatever it was.

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