Saturday, September 20, 2014

I love Asylum

            Not the powerful Z of Dragon Ball, but still a lot of fun none the less. Someone got the bright idea to give Asylum Productions a TV series. Someone, somewhere, made the right choice. These people did Sharknado for fecks sake, and look what happened there. And they didn't even try on that.
            First off, I am prejudiced a bit here, as I love Asylum Productions. These people have never lost money on a movie. Let’s see MGM say that.  Ok, I’m the first to admit that sometimes what they do can be construed as, well, just bloody embarrassing. But when they get something right, they really seem to get it right. In other words, this time it wasn’t the, “Oh look, we have beer, weed and a movie camera, lets rip off a movie today.” They actually did some work on this one. Sober some of the time I’m guessing.
            This show seems like it is going to be a lot of fun. You all know my basic attitude to walking dead anymore, so I don’t even have to go there I don’t believe. Them and their freaking magical Wonder Bug technology. Seriously, how soon are they just going to give those people a magic horn?
            And at least in this show most of the characters seem to have a singularly higher intelligence than the entire character list of The Walking Dead, (not counting Glenn as he is the only real intelligence in that outfit).
            The worst thing about the episode is that Harold Perrineau, (the dad from lost with the boy and the lab), didn't make it. He was military, (we’re still fighting back in this, unlike the magic car show), and his mission was to deliver the only human being to ever survive a zombie bite to California from New York.
            DJ Qualls is also in this series, as Citizen Z, and he is doing a great job as he always does. The man is a seriously under rated actor in every sense. I think the guys an amazing character actor myself.
            This seems to be more of an action driven show, which is a somewhat welcome relief from that dippy channel. (The former Sci-Fi one.)
            Folks give this a shot. I always try to give a series 3 episodes before I make up my mind to stay or not. Don’t need to this time. I’m staying.
            So in short, Long Live Asylum and their specialty of, well, I’m sure they’ll figure it out eventually. What can I say, I love Asylum. Wow, I’m starting to sound like Dr. Horace Diaz on Mighty Med with his bridge loving obsession. Yes, I watch that too, and so should all of you.
Friday nights on the former Sci-Fi channel folks. Check it out. Z Nation is well worth the hour of your time, especially if you are a fan of Asylum like I am.
That’s all this week folks. Sorry for being absent for so long. On my way back.

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