Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Review: Gotham

Wow is the fall tv offering loaded up this year!  A virtual cornucopia for anyone's taste.

What am I all excited about?  I just got a chance to watch the first episode of Gotham.

This offering of the "Batman" franchise is really one of the most innovative to date. 

Gotham is set  in the early days of the Batman myth, basically around the time when Bruce Wayne's parents have recently been murdered.  But this is where Bruce Wayne is pushed back to a supporting role,  Gotham and the minions who live within are brought into hard light and sharp focus. 

The truly wonderful thing is all the major players are here and in place but only in their formative stage. Along with Bruce, Gordon, Nigma and so on slowly develop into the extreme character the ultimately become.   They are all worth watching and one in particular is Jada Pinkett Smith's mob boss which has the potential, well worth watching.

There are so many more talking points, but I am afraid I would become a spoiler.  But I can not end this review of sorts without strongly suggesting seeking out episode one of Gotham and enjoy!

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Dave Tackett said...

Good review, though I wasn't nearly so impressed with Gotham. It just felt a bit too cliché and predictable. I think they're trying to be gritty and campy at the same time, which is very hard to pull off.

Beam Me Up said...

I guess I missed the "campy" all together. I know earlier outings of batman and Gotham City have played heavily to that end, but if nothing else, I thought this was played for the real. Predictable and maybe cliché very possibly - I would hazard a guess that anything drawn from the Batman codex risks that title. For me the innovation came in the point of view. The easy way would be to, again, follow Bruce through his own personal hell, but what is different here is what brought a few of the more prominent character to be what they ultimately manifest themselves to be. There is so little known about the formative times of so many, that this is a major part of the program's focus, is to me, very unique. I will be giving it a watch for the next few weeks, at the very least.