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Unaired Remo Pilot/ Is ISS viable (seriously?)

My review of unaired pilot episode for Remo Williams. 
Now this is from back in 1988 and was done shortly after the movie Remo Williams, The Adventure Begins.  Now as a longtime fan of The Destroyer series, created by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir, I had seen parts of this before, but have never seen a decent copy that didn’t give me a severe headache trying to watch it. Finally found the full episode again online so the link to it is at the end here.
Well, what can I say? It is titled Remo Williams – The Prophecy. Before I go into anything major about it here, Master Chiun is played by Roddy McDowall. He does a good job of it after what horrible things they did to that character in the original movie.
Though the title is The Prophecy, any longtime fan of the series will recognize it immediately as the novella The Day Remo Died. Now this is actually the perfect, and the true second story, though not the second book. There are many things wrong, but still worth a watch, especially if you liked the movie. 49 minutes 16 seconds. That’s the time it will take to watch a decent story unfold, if inaccurately. As to the things that are wrong. Most stem from the movie itself, and not from this, though I will admit that it needs to be redone to accurately portray the violence of Remo and Chiun, which was never portrayed in any way accurately. What was wrong with the original movie was an entire list of things.
Master Chiun does not wear glasses; he is the master of Sinanju.
Chiun ripped the ears off a man for shutting off his soap opera, but only breaks the guys neck that tried to kill Remo at the Statue of Liberty.
And here is where they really messed up in the original movie, which would have screwed up any series that tried to follow the true story. It takes years for Remo to get over a fear so ingrained in him that it even halts his Sinanju abilities almost 20 years later. That was screwed up by the origin they told. He didn’t die by car submerged in river. Remo was convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, sentenced to die in an electric chair that didn't work, (though still gave him burns and a deep fear of electricity and what it could do) and sent to work for an organization that doesn't exist. All of that being missed would have killed the series in the long run any way.
            It needs to be redone today, and done properly where the magic of the Sinanju abilities can be seen. And it wouldn’t even be an expensive series to do either. The effects now for such things like Sinanju are cheap. AMC should do the series. Hell, if they can get walking dead on tv now, Remo and Chiun would not be a problem, and the stories would be more exciting, and the political satire a lot more funny than most things on tv right now, and certainly more intelligent than a bunch of idiots trying to survive in a magical land where gas in cars on the side of the road never goes bad, and tires never go flat from sitting. And apparently the brakes never freeze up from sitting either. Yeah, Remo and Chiun are certainly more believable than that show.
            And yeah, the second book now that Murphy is back is just as good as the first after his return, if not better.
Here’s the link. Go enjoy the next viewing of the greatest and I believe the only surviving heroes of the Men’s Adventure genre of the 70’s and 80’s. Definitely the greatest of them all.

And now on a personal note on the ISS and the latest upheaval of silliness by our dippy governments on this planet.  Oh, the things I would like to say to certain people, and I mean to their faces. You know, if Russia wants to leave the station, let them go. And why the fecking idiocy about whether we can keep it going, or is it viable to do so. Who the hell do I need to slap the crap out of here around here to wake up the idiots. Is it viable? Is research, science, learning, knowledge, etc a viable reason, or would you idiots like to go back to cave living which the way some sound lately, that is apparently where they would rather be.
            You know, I remember back when I was a kid, how all we heard about was how space was advancing mankind, and all the benefits it was giving us. I mean come on people. Do you really think anyone actually liked that freaking TANG stuff. It sold to people because they connected it to astronauts and space. The entire concept back then was one of advancement, scientific inquiry, and pushing for more. Not just a few of the people, but the entire country was behind the concept. Good concept too. The only truly valuable one we have. Or had. Sometimes I really feel like we are about to slip back into an age of inquisition, and anyone that understands that the Earth isn't flat will get burned at the stake.
            My friends, we have been lied to. Everything we have been told about the world is a lie. Something went wrong somewhere. The inmates have taken over the asylum, and we are trapped within it. If I find a backdoor out of here, I’ll let you know.  Until then, all of you keep looking as well. Seriously, we have to be locked in some alien experimental lab zoo somewhere where they are seeing how long it takes to drive us bleeding insane. I prefer the lunacy of that idea to the lunacy that all of this around me and you folks is real, and our government and people have become so insane as to even question the worth or viability of space, the ISS, and everything beyond.
            Interesting though that as the search for knowledge wanes from the forefront and is challenged even, the images of our older heroes are now being darkened and changed to blend with modern views. Hmmm. So Superman now kills members of a dying race (his race) and is accepted as a hero instead of the light he was supposed to be for all to follow, while in the real world the concepts of science and learning are being challenged and undermined from every direction. Just a small observation on my part was all, and wondering if there is a connection.  They say ignorance and violence go hand in hand. Well if that is the case, look around. We've turned supes into a killer, and are attacking science and advancement and twisting what is there into things that never were. Like dinosaurs and humans co-existing.
            I've said it before, I’ll say it again. We’re freaking DOOMED. Forgot fearing the ruler ship of the apes people. We live on The Planet of the Idiots. See you all next time folks, provided we all haven’t been hung, exiled, or burned at the stake by then. 

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