Tuesday, May 06, 2014

BMU # 405 Now Online With the Conclusion to Dean Giles "Mad World"

Welcome to Beam Me Up episode 405.  This week is also a bit off the beaten track.

After my opening comments I play the closing music to “Ground Control to phyco-electric Girl”  and it is probably one of the most charming pieces for closing an anime episode that I heard in a long time.

Then from the Blog at wrfrbeameup.blogspot.com – ISS used for commercial concerns…. A short film that demonstrates how gravity works, what I like about this short is the demonstrator is not only enthusiastic about the subject matter but is also clearly an expert.

From there I talk with Justin, my anime guy, as we go over some of the recent titles as well as favorites and some classics.

And finally the conclusion to Dean Giles’ Mad World.

Thanks for listening.


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