Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Soylent.....The End of Food As We Know it?

Here is an article link from the Boing Boing blog that I just could not resist!

Rob Rhinehart, a tech startup engineer running short of funds Rob decided to cut his monthly food bill that was upwards of 470 dollars a month. compiled a list of nutrients required for survival - ingredients like: carbohydrates, protein, lipids.A ll blended into a slurry of chemicals that his room mates remarked that it resembled gooey lemonade.

His genius though came from what he called the mixture,  Soylent, a wink and a nod to the reference from a science-fiction novel from the nineteen-sixties or the Bert Lancaster film of the same (well almost ) name from the 70s.

From the article,  this is an excerpt from an article called "The End of Food" by Lizzie Widdicombe where she notes in her article that Rhinehart started living on Soylent and blogged about his experiences in a post titled "How I Stopped Eating Food":
  • The positive response that the post received convinced Rhinehart and his roommates to enter the synthetic-food business. “Last week, the first thirty thousand units of commercially made Soylent were shipped out to customers across America.
Complete Boing Boing article HERE


btonym said...

Damn! I knew this was going to happen one of these days ever since I saw the movie starring Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson (His last movie.)What does it taste like? That varies from person to person.
Bon apetite.

Beam Me Up said...

crap btonym! That hurt! I mean I have heard the crude version of that joke but this is SSSSSSSOOOOOO much better and I wish I had thought of it! lmao

Adds a whole new meaning to select cuts now don't it!.....ok, I give up.
Bravo sir...bravo