Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Twins In Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

Hey did you know that a set of twins has already visited space?  No?  Tis true.   Apart from its' "I didn't know that!" aspect, NASA is actually looking to document body / mind changes brought on by long duration space flight missions.  

  • NASA's Human Research Program  will fund 10 short-term, first-of-its-kind investigations into the molecular, physiological and psychological effects of spaceflight in a continuous effort to reduce the health impacts of human space exploration. 
NASA's will fly veteran astronaut Scott Kelly aboard the International Space Station for one year, beginning March 2015.   His identical twin brother, retired astronaut Mark Kelly, remains on Earth.

NASA will compare blood samples from Scott and Mark that will  during and after the one-year mission. Physiological and psychological testing also will be conducted on the brothers before, during and after the mission.

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