Friday, March 28, 2014

Space Stinks

Space is a BBQ
            Smells like it anyway. Or at least it does according to the astronauts it’s a lot like hot metal, diesel fumes and a barbecue.  Though actually breathing space is impossible, the astronauts aboard the ISS stated that after a spacewalk the suit smells like burned or fried steak.
            Three years ago, NASA got a fragrance maker to re-create the odor for use with their students during training missions. They also did the moon recently and the astronauts compared it to burnt gunpowder.
            Basically, most of the smells in space come from a common origin. Dying stars. Check out the article, it’s short and pretty cool reading.

Interesting Star Trek Trivia
            This is something I stumbled across that most of us know at least some of these, and some probably know them all. It’s a list of ten things you probably didn't know about STTOS.
            #7 on their list was about having the uniforms made in a sweat shop. Interesting concept. Use a sweat shop to promote a somewhat socialist utopian society.  According to producer Robert Justman and Herb Solow, they didn't have the budget to use the union costume makers. So they had them made overnight by a sweatshop, and then snuck them in through a back window.
            Well, what the smeg am I supposed to that. This one I didn't know for some reason. I could always try the old “good of the many” routine here, but I think I have a better idea. I’m just not going to say a freaking thing. What can I say? They helped give us the greatest sci-fi show of all time. That’s right, I still refuse to spell it the way that something or other channel does now.
            #3 on their list is just silly. I had heard about this before and wondered then who was smoking what out there at that time. Spock was originally conceived as not eating or drinking anything, ever. There was going to be a plate in the middle of his stomach, and he then fed off any energy that happened to be in the area. Now could this concept work, maybe today. Is it a good idea, not really. This is a sci-fi universe, and I can just see every possibility for that thing. Certain types of energy may poison him for instance. Not to mention, what type of life form would he have been then, and what would the physiology had been. And what if it was possible to be altered to feed off of bio energy. He goes nuts and runs amok, gets his mind taken over and used to destroy crew mates, etc etc etc. But here I think would have been the true problem. Getting people to actually believe that concept.
            Makes me wonder about another show though called Quark. The logical one there was named Ficus (in the plant kingdom), and needed a bee present to reproduce. I just wonder if someone involved there didn't hear about that and altered it to the hilarity that was Quark.
            Here’s the link to the page, and oh yeah, just in case you didn't notice, Leonard Nimoy turned 83 on March 26th.

            The silliness of our news people, (I refuse to call these people journalists in any way), is beyond anything imaginable anymore. A CNN anchor actually asked the question of if a black hole could be responsible for that missing airliner. The answer he got I thought was also hilarious, as it shows the complete lack of intelligence where space science in its simplest concepts are concerned, and they should just shut up frankly. I am talking about the answer of “Even a small black hole would swallow our entire universe.” Not to mention one other simple little fact. There is no way possible that such a gravitational field would be missed. Here’s a link to the article and video. There’s other silliness on there as well. Something about “Lost,” and something about twilight zone, but to be honest, I couldn’t listen any longer. My ears were already starting to bleed. 


kallamis said...

And I just noticed my spell and grammar check failed me completely last night on this. This is why you should never write stuff up half asleep.

btonym said...

The headline grabbed me. I read the article and it makes perfect sense, but it reminds me of the old simile; About as much fun as a (Family Guy sound effect) in a space suit.
As for Leonard Nimoy, may he live long and prosper!

Beam Me Up said...

Yeah but I read it on the show yesterday because it was informative and funny at the same time.

Beam Me Up said...

btonym ahhhhhhh ha ha! thats right!