Friday, July 12, 2013

Weekly Rundown, Symphonia

Weekly Suspension For This Week Only
            I’m doing something different this week than the regular rundown, which will be back to normal next week. It’ll be taking up both this week and next hopefully. Been kind of a slow news week, so I am using the Weekly Rundown to run a review of and promote a game. And not just a review which I am doing, but also a kind of promotion for the game, and the anime version of it. The title of the game you wonder that has me so infatuated to use that term to its best here I believe, is this.
                                               THE TALES OF SYMPHONIA

            First off to make a few things here clear.  This is one of my favorite games, along with Skies of Arcadia: Legends, and Beyond Good and Evil. The anime came from the game itself. Not the other way around. The game has an IGN rating of 8.5 as well. The game is listed as an RPG, and it isn’t bad as one either, as there are a few different scenarios created by your choices. Since I don’t really know which to start with first, I will first say this. I got this game for like 3 bucks at the used video game store we use to have here about 10 miles away about 2 weeks after the games release date here. I hadn’t even heard of it, which is nothing new as I play a lot of multi-player games for competitions here at home. Mario party, Mario kart, golf, battle, San Francisco Rush, Burnout 2 Point of Impact, etc. Most RPG games I played were 1-2 player at best. This one is up to 4 players, all the way through it. It was released for the Nintendo GameCube originally. I put the game in and played for around 45 minutes or so to learn how the game worked as I usually do and ten start over after learning the controls of it. Folks, I played this game for 52 hours straight. Yeah, I hit the bathroom, and refilled my mug and that was it. Outside of that, I was playing the game. It isn’t the animation of it, as it is at best a 2.5d game. But the story and the characters grabbed me, and wouldn’t let me go. It’s a 2 disk game on the GameCube, and after my nap I got up and played another 36 hours straight in order to finish it. And then I immediately started it over again. And now on to the actual review of the game itself.
            You are basically supposed to run Lloyd when running alone. He is the main character and it is just easier to do so. You start off in school, sound asleep standing up holding two buckets of water in your hands. Yeah, you’re one of those students. Anyway, to make this quick and simple about what is happening is this. You are friends with one known as Collette, She is the chosen to regenerate the world. You are an orphan that was raised by a dwarf when he found you in your dying mother’s arms. The exsphere on your hand gives you great abilities, but was also the reason that your father killed your mother, after it turned her into a monster. And you father is a member of the group that is going to kill the chosen, that is at war with another group called the Renegades that also want to kill the chosen, and you see where this is going right. You don’t know your dad, you want to protect your friend, which your heart there also gets you banished form the village, while at the same time being best friends with a half elf, that are the Desians that that killed your mother, and use the chosen. And the Renegade leader, and dad, and others are all angles that can basically kick your behind in a heartbeat. So you get involved in the quest of the chosen to save Sylvarant, which also ends up in a quest to save a second world called Tethealla that sent an assassin through the dimensional barrier to kill the chosen of Sylvarant to ensure the flow of mana to their world so that it would not go into decline as Sylvarant is now as it’s mana flows to Tethealla. If the chosen makes it, then the mana flow reverses, and Sylvarant will flourish, as Tethealla wanes as it loses its life force.
            All this sound confusing yet? Play the bloody game and you will see what I mean by all this, as I have explained it only half, and without revealing too much either. And now as to the anime. PLAY THE BLOODY GAME FIRST. Seriously people, go out, but a GameCube, and buy the game, and play it before you watch the anime. The game in this case is like the book compared to the movie. The game has so much more info, and in fact thought he story line is the same, the game does it does much better as you get so much more information about everything.
            Now, why am I bringing up a game that was released for the GameCube back in 2004, well, that’s easy. It’s being re-released in HD for the PS3. Let’s be honest, there is only so much your can do with it in the case of the animation unless you bloody well start over at the beginning. Apparently it will be bundling both Tales of Symphonia and its sequel, (which is just bad) in the same game system. Either way, go play the original game, or at least watch the anime version of it. It is not dubbed, it is only subtitled so far, and I despise subtitles to the point of blowing up the entire planet. And I have watched it twice now, and now watching it a third time writing this up. Now that is with subtitles only, and I am still recommending it. And I’m the guy who reacts to subtitles like I would to someone telling me the Earth is flat and only 6000 years old. Same reaction, but in this case, it is Tales Of Symphonia, and Lloyd, Colette, Genis, Raine, Sheena, Regal, Kratos, etc. And you run alone up to four characters at once int he game. And you can set what they do as well. I set Raine to healing, and use Lloyd, Genis, and  ??????, to go into battle with.  And just so you know, if you cried when Giant Robot apparently dies, then this will rip your fracking heart out of you at one point. It did me, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I then went on the hunt to kill everything, go back and kill it again if possible, and make sure I never lose another fight again.  Yeah folks, it actually brought tears to my eyes during a boss fight, and the anime of course is no better for me there now.  Seriously, there is a point in that game and everyone I know who has played it agrees, that that is the first one. And then there is another as you end up going alone that will rip you heart to the point that you don’t care if you win or lose. You just want to hurt that %*%@$^%^%%#^%.
to Sylvarant and Tethealla to fight again.
            It’s a great game, one that I personally rate a 10 or higher, and the anime is actually
pretty good as well. So go play the game, or watch the anime, and learn how to live your life.
Yeah, it’s one of those as well folks. And I am now going to go watch episode 3 again, as I set
up my GameCube to play that game again for about the 15th time. And yeah, there are secrets
I haven’t mentioned here of course. Go find your own bloody special blades that work for you.
Luck all, enjoy, and see you in Symphonia.
Here is a link to the game opening.

And here is the link to episode 1.

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