Monday, July 08, 2013

BMU #373 To Bere Arms - Wes Parish + In the Mourning p3 - Ed McKeown

Welcome all to episode 373 of Beam Me Up.  I hope you find it to your liking!

I start off this week with a 'discussion' of one of the most egregious desimation of antiquities that I have come across in some time and that is saying something....

Following a musical interlude (The Big Bang by the Barenaked ladies) I get out the Star Trek Trivia book for a little bit of hey did you remember this?

Then it's off to the BMU blog for Kallamis' Week In Review.  This week Kallamis talks about an asteroid hunting telescope Sentinel auction, An astronauts guide to life on Earth by Chris Hatfield, a spinoff of Once Upon a Time?, More about the TMNT - Kallimis is on another rant....

A mystery signal from deep space, NASA's revolutionary 7kw ion engine finally is being shut down after five years of continuous operation, you will not believe how many life supporting planets
might exists in the Milky Way.

The first story of the afternoon is Wes Parish's To Bere Arms.

And finally part 3 of Edward McKeown's In the Mourning.

That's it!  Hope you enjoy it.

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